Theft Crimes

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A theft crime is the unlawful taking and removing of another’s personal property with the intent of depriving him or her of it. It is also referred to as stealing and can consist of the following charges: larceny, burglary, embezzlement, identity theft and shoplifting. There are two types of theft: aggravated theft and simple theft.
Aggravated theft is for example: when two armed individuals steal at night from a house, and often results in a felony charge. If convicted, you will be looking at life imprisonment, Simple theft is to steal without forgoing circumstances and can result in a misdemeanor charge. If convicted, you will be looking at a minimum of 6 months in jail, fines and probation.
At The Law Offices of Mohamed Al Marzooqi Advocates & Consultancy we defend all types of theft crimes charges, whether simple or aggravated or other crimes; breach of trust, fraud, deception, and others. The theft crimes are regulated in penal code according to eighteen articles starting from 381 to 398 of penal code. Theft Crimes lawyer