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Amputation Injury

Amputation Injury

If you or someone you know has suffered an amputation due to another party’s negligence, you should call an attorney with expertise in such injuries. Since amputations can result in large medical bills, lost wages, and a significant loss in quality of life, contact attorney Mohamed Al Marzooqi Advocates & Consultancy at +971 2-6584004 for help as soon as possible.
The Law Offices of Mohamed Al Marzooqi Advocates & Consultancy offers consultations and can be reached 24/7. We will discuss your situation with you, drawing from our experience with amputation cases. After reviewing your case, we will be able to tell you what compensation you may be entitled to receive.
If your amputation injury occurred at work, we still strongly encourage you to talk about it with us. Workers’ compensation, also called “workers’ comp,” is often the only recourse an employee has in such an accident. But if a third party was negligent and caused your suffering, then there may be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit as well.

Common Causes for Amputations

Mohamed Al Marzooqi Advocates & Consultancy has handled all types of amputation cases. Frequent reasons for amputation include:
Car, truck and motorcycle crashes
Malfunctioning agricultural and manufacturing machinery
Construction worksite hazards
Improperly designed electric doors, elevators, and escalators
Fireworks and other explosive devices that do not conform to government safety standards
Infections due to a lack of surgical cleanliness and other forms of medical malpractice
We will aggressively pursue monetary compensation for injuries from these and many other causes of amputation. Call our law offices at +971 2-6584004 to discuss whether your situation likely qualifies as a negligence case.

Car Accident Amputation

Most people don’t know that car crashes cause the vast majority of amputations. Mohamed Al Marzooqi Advocates & Consultancy understands how car accidents often result in dismemberment injuries to drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Motorcycle Crashes and Amputation Injuries

A motorcycle accident often results in a foot amputation. Legs and feet often get pinned either between the rider’s bike and another vehicle, or between the bike and the pavement. Again, the crushing forces can cause an immediate amputation or necessitate a later medical removal of the affected body part.

Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents often cause pedestrians severe injuries that result in the loss of limbs or digits. Mohamed Al Marzooqi Advocates & Consultancy has handled numerous such cases,
Every situation is unique and may not result in a large settlement. So please be sure to contact our law offices to discuss the particulars of your case.

Common Types of Amputations

All extremities and limbs can suffer amputation. Such losses may be complete or partial, and they include:
Fingers, thumbs and toes, Hands and feet, sometimes including the wrist or ankle, Arms and legs, Facial features such as an ear or nose, Finger Amputation

A dismembered finger not only makes daily functioning much more difficult, but it can also result in a permanent inability to perform one’s job. We will assess your potential lost wages over the years to come, often factoring in a likely increase in salary. We will then aggressively seek to recover the maximum amount of monetary compensation to take care of your lost wages, medical bills and your family’s future. Again, contact us immediately so we can begin a review of your case, collecting needed evidence before it disappears.

Toe Amputation

An amputated toe is another common type of dismemberment. People who experience this injury, like those who lose a finger, will also have lifelong difficulty performing tasks we take for granted. The loss of a pinky toe, for example, may not itself prevent a victim from walking or running in the future. But if doctors decide to perform a ray amputation (one that includes the connected metatarsal), walking and running will be extremely difficult due to the resulting loss of balance. And if the victim’s work depends on such physical movement, he or she may lose her job.
Again, every client’s circumstances differ in some way, so call us at +971 2-6584004 to get a rapid and honest evaluation of how much financial compensation you may be entitled to receive.

Hand Amputation

Hand amputees face a lifetime of challenges that are similar to those of finger amputees, multiplied many times over. As advanced as prostheses and even robotics have become, they still do not function as effectively as a human hand. If you or someone you care about has experienced this highly traumatic injury, be assured that Mohamed Al Marzooqi Advocates & Consultancy and our team stand ready to assist you.

A Compassionate Amputation Attorney

Amputation injuries render many daily tasks impossible and cause much physical, emotional and financial stress. If you have experienced an amputation, Mohamed Al Marzooqi Advocates & Consultancy and our team truly feel for you and will fight for you.
We believe that clients need to know everything about their case. We want them to understand upfront how much compensation they can reasonably expect, given their unique circumstances. We will alert them when we senses that opposing parties plan to bring up unpleasant matters.
We also commit ourselves to being available for our clients’ questions. We believe that when a dismemberment victim hires his firm, he or she is hiring him in particular, so we give each client our cell phone number. It’s another way we demonstrates that we appreciates what our clients are going through.

Workers’ Compensation Amputation Law Firm

Sorting through workers’ compensation for finger, toe and other limb amputation cases can be tricky. But Mohamed Al Marzooqi Advocates & Consultancy can help you determine the best course of action to take. Please don’t delay in contacting our law offices.
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